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TPI Reports compiles statistical analysis of all relevant E-Rate data from multiple sources, brings it to one place, and packages the information in an easy, fast, and sleek user interface. With TPI Reports, navigating the complexities of broadband data has never been simpler.

Our School and Library E-Rate Scorecards focus on the distribution of E-Rate funds to individual institutions. Beyond providing information regarding the current and historical funds administered to each institution, the E-Rate Scorecards also include types of expenditures by the school, a breakdown of payments to E-Rate vendors, the types of services provided by the vendors, and more!

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Our Congressional District E-Rate Scorecards aggregate the data provided in our School and Library Reports to paint a picture of how E-Rate funding is spent across a Congressional District. They include current and historical funds distributed to each school district, types of expenditures by the school districts, payments by school districts to E-Rate vendors, the types of services provided by the vendors, and more!

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The Technology Policy Institute is a think tank that focuses on the economics of innovation, technological change, and related regulation in both the United States and around the world. Our mission is to advance knowledge and inform policymakers by producing independent, rigorous research along with sponsoring educational programs and conferences on major issues affecting information technology and communications policy.

Our reports aim to make E-Rate data accessible to everyone and allow policymakers to glean important statistical insights in seconds rather than days. By making these insights more readily available, TPI Reports hopes to facilitate better, more evidence-based policy.

Individual reports are available to purchase for $49.95. If you’re interested in obtaining multiple reports, we offer discount pricing depending upon the size of your order. Please reach out to Mike Jones at mjones@techpolicyinstitute.org for more information regarding bulk orders.

Of course! We offer a step by step guide to help you navigate the database. Should you have any questions, please reach out to either Dr. Sarah Oh or Nathaniel Lovin for technical assistance.

TPI Reports is a data service developed by a team of Ph.D. economists and computer scientists at the Technology Policy Institute. The team includes Dr. Sarah Oh, Senior Fellow and researcher of broadband economics, Nathaniel Lovin, Software Engineer and Research Associate, who has spearheaded the full-stack engineering project, and Dr. Scott Wallsten, President and Senior Fellow, who has directed the Total Broadband Dashboard initiative, and along with the team at TPI in Washington, D.C., has provided executive leadership of the project.